Norton™ Shopping Guarantee

20x Return On Investment - Guaranteed

As a business owner, we know that you do whatever is needed to ensure your organization is successful. Part of this success depends on your website and its ability to reduce shopper concerns about buying online.

Protecting Customers Offers Benefits

There are more perceived risks when shopping online - from information security to pricing competition to merchant reliability. Consumers are reviewing the same product on multiple websites in search of the best service. If a visitor does not trust your site, the sale will be lost.

Norton™ Shopping Guarantee is designed to address consumer concerns around merchant reliability, price protection and identity theft. It requires minimal effort and there’s no risk involved.

Norton™ Shopping Guarantee Drives Online Consumer Confidence

In order to maximize website conversion and customer satisfaction, online retailers need to give consumers the confidence that they will be protected. The websites that pick up the most traffic address these primary consumer concerns :

Information Security : Their personal information (identity) will be safe, secure and private.

Merchant Reliability : The retailer will provide good service and fully honor the terms of sale.

Pricing Confidence : If the price changes, the consumer will be refunded the difference.

There is now a new way to inspire consumer confidence and satisfaction, all while increasing conversions, order value, and repeat buyers on your site.

Norton™ Shopping Guarantee addresses shopper concerns by offering :

$10,000 Identity Theft Protection : Provides blanket protection for 30 days to allay concerns about the security and privacy of their information.

$1,000 Purchase Guarantee : Builds buyer confidence that the product will be authentic, delivered on time and the merchant will provide great customer service.

$100 Lowest Price Protection : If the merchant lowers its price within 30 days of the purchase, Norton™ Shopping Guarantee will refund the price difference to the shopper.

Norton™ Shopping Guarantee is proven to increase conversion, average order value, repeat buyers and customer satisfaction. When Norton™ Shopping Guarantee benefits are displayed throughout the buying process, consumers experience less anxiety about information security, product authenticity, timely delivery and getting a good price.

How To Get Started

Norton™ Shopping Guarantee is available as a free 30 day trial. With a quick and easy installation process and 20x ROI pricing guaranteed, you have nothing to lose. To get started please Contact Us to schedule a discussion with a product specialist.