DigiCert® to Acquire Symantec’s Website Security and Related PKI Solutions

August 03, 2017

At a time when it’s absolutely critical that businesses are safeguarded from the advanced cyber security threats infiltrating the web, through this acquisition customers will benefit from a company that is solely focused on delivering the leading identity and encryption solutions they require.

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Today Trustico® Received The Following Announcement From Symantec®

I wanted to let you know about some exciting news. This afternoon, Symantec® announced an agreement under which DigiCert® will acquire our Website Security and related PKI solutions https://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/symantec-ca-acquisition. As a part of the agreement, Symantec® will receive approximately a 30 percent stake in the common stock equity of the DigiCert® business at the closing of the transaction. All of us across Symantec® Website Security are dedicated to ensuring that your business is safeguarded from the advanced cyber security threats infiltrating the web, and through this acquisition you will benefit from a company that is solely focused on delivering leading identity and encryption solutions.

For those unfamiliar, DigiCert® is a leading provider of scalable identity and encryption solutions for the enterprise. With DigiCert’s acquisition of our Website Security and related PKI solutions, DigiCert® will gain capabilities to take advantage of growth opportunities in IoT and bring new approaches to the SSL market. DigiCert® will have incredible talent and experience to lead the next generation of global website security, which will in turn benefit you, our customers.

The addition of Symantec’s Website Security and related PKI solutions to DigiCert’s offerings will provide you with an enhanced technology platform, unparalleled support and market-leading innovations to even better serve your needs. We share a strong commitment to customer service, and ensuring continuity for you and your business is a top priority. Once the transaction is complete, we will work to transition you to a new platform that meets all industry standards and browser requirements and provides the foundation for future innovation in the CA space.

As for next steps, the transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of fiscal 2018. Following the close of the transaction, DigiCert® will continue to be led by CEO John Merrill. Until that time, Symantec’s Website Security business continues to operate as part of Symantec® and it is business as usual.

I greatly appreciate your support over these past few months in particular, as we’ve worked through matters related to our SubCA business model. Importantly, we feel confident that this agreement will satisfy the needs of the browser community. DigiCert® is communicating this deal and its intentions to the browser community and will continue to work closely with them during the period leading up to our closing the transaction. DigiCert® appreciates and shares the browsers’ commitment to engendering trust in digital certificates and protecting all users.

We share DigiCert’s excitement about building an even greater security company together and are deeply committed to the success of this transition for you, our customers.

Please reach out to me or your Website Security account representative with any further questions.

Best regards,

Roxane Divol
Symantec® Website Security